General Formatting

Components of the Paper

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents (Not an outline)
  • Body of the Paper
  • Full Bibliography (Not a works cited page)

Margins, Spacing and Indents

  • One-inch margins for all margins
  • Indent paragraphs 1/2 inch
  • Double space paragraphs
  • Single space footnotes (double space between) and block quotes

Page Numbers

  • Place page numbers 1/2 inch from the top in the righthand corner
  • Do not number the title page

Font Size and Style

  • Font style is Times New Roman
  • Size 12 font for most of the paper
  • Size 10 font for footnotes

Headers and Subheaders

Level 1 Is Center and Bold

Level 2 Is Centered

Level 3 Is Bold and Italcized at the Left Margin

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